Big Ass Happy Family Jubilee

Knoxville and Roger did a beautiful tribute tonight on Sirius. When your heart is broken, country music is the sound track for loss.

He lost it a few times. He had some giggles. Thanks for all the support. Anger at how stuipid and preventable it was, and how it cost those left behind SO much....yet clearly voiced why Ebert was a shit for the Tweet.

PJ & Roger made me proud of East Tn tonight...

WTF? Dico

Gee just spilled that Dico was the only no show at Dunn's memorial. What the fuck is up with that? Dunn was always neutral...I dont know what the hell happened between Dico and Bam, but Ryan supported both. How could he not show?

I am so disappointed in him and I never thought I would say that of Dico.

Unsolicited advice

avoid old Radio Bam, if feeling nostaligic. Even the ones from the past few years. Yes, you get some good Dunn stories.... but its all the same 'getting wasted, driving, crashing, black out, puking' crap... they, obviously never outgrew.

It did get me to stop being sad...because I became furious at how dumb they all were, and now its men in their 30s, not kids anymore. Just not Ryan, but all of them.

All I can say is thank god Dunn wasnt drinking at Bam's bar. And I really hope this makes all of them grow the fuck up. And I am very pissed that Ryan has so many cool projects lined up... that really interested me, and we will forever be denied his expressions, giggles, etc.

(hmm, guess what stage of grief/loss I am in?)

Going for VLB S2 & 3 tonight...cause I want laughs and smiles.

"Drink a beer and pretend I am in a happy place"

Sage Random Hero advice.

I've been up for almost 24 hours now, after hearing the news and I cant post anything sane. After I leave work & sleep, maybe then.

I did just watch parts of Gumball, the Bangkok scene and for me, it helps. Its Dunn at his sardonic best....god, his voice, so distinct, I will miss that forever.

Laughing while crying is the best I have come up with so far.